05 October 2017

the fall playlist

these songs are perfect for those rainy, cozy fall days, you spend at home alone in bed or drinking tea with someone you love. There are also some of all time favorites bands included like the 1975, Lorde and Oh Wonder. Have fun listening to it while you walk through the beautiful nature! 

03 October 2017

art fair in Kassel

A few weeks ago I visited the art fair in Kassel, Germany, that happens to be every five years.

28 August 2017

summer in Portugal

Portugal is beautiful- way more beautiful than I would have thought. I've never seen such a rough sea and so many stones at a sand beach and I absolutely loved it! 

25 July 2017

My summer to do list

Because my summer holidays start next week, I wanted to show you some of my to-do's. In the beginning of the holidays I'm usually very overexcited and have a lot to do, but the later it gets, the more lazy and bored I become... sooo that's why I made a list with all the nice thing I want to this summer, because I don't want to fall in this hole of laziness :)

08 July 2017

I fell in love with the alps...

In June I went to a lake in the alps with my family and I honestly have to say: I fell in love!

20 June 2017

present idea: a year of dates

My best friend's birthday was in the beginning of June and of course there was this question coming up in my head like every year: " What should I give her?"

25 March 2017

my sweet 16

Some weeks ago I had my sixteenth birthday and I celebrated it with some good friends at my place. I absolutely love party organization and I had lots of fun with it. Here are some impressions:

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