Looking back at 2016

I blogged very irregular this year and because of that I couldn't show you everything, that I wanted to.
I want to catch up on that and show you my favorite pics/ moments of 2016.


my Spain exchange

Last week I went to Spain with my school for an exchange. My guest family was super nice and I really found some friends there. The trips, that we made, were all very nice and I wouldn't have mind staying a week more! We were in a village near  Valencia and the house of my guest family was only two minutes away from the beach. Because I have never been to Spain before, everything was very new for me. My guest family really showed me all the spanish traditions, on the first evening we went to Fallas (some kind of valencian carnival) Like I said I had a lot of fun and maybe I will accept the offer of my guest family and visit them next summer.



welcome to my blog!

I'm Ina a 16 year old girl from Germany. I write about everything I love and that inspires me!
I want to share my views of love and experiences here. I like the good things in life like kittens, sunsets, nature walks  and waking up early on a sunday morning. I hope that I inspire someone here and give you some positive energy!